Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management

Introduction to warehouse business

In the nature of international trade practice that in many cases it is not known at the time of importation how imported goods will finally be disposed of. This means that the importers are obliged to store the goods for more or less long period. It is, therefore, in the importers’ interest to place these goods under a Customs procedure which obviates the need to pay import taxes and duties or delay the payment of taxes and duties.

Recognizing the need of the importers, Thai Customs has provided in its national legislations for Customs warehousing procedures allowing the importers to store the goods for more or less long period without payment of taxes and duties until the goods are actually taken for domestic consumption.

Under bonded warehouse scheme, the imported goods stored in a bonded warehouse for the purpose of re-exportation shall be exempted from payment of import/export taxes and duties, regardless of being exported in the same nature as imported or in the nature of having been produced, mixed or assembled as other goods.