We are confident that the quality control system works efficiently.

  • High level executives will support resources and personnel sufficient for the quality policy to be carried out effectively.

  • The organization’s personnel need to possess sufficient knowledge and ability to carry out their duties, through the company’s training and human resources development, which are a mutual responsibility for the employees and the company.

  • Reviews of the agreement to ensure that the company understands and can respond to the customers’ needs, as well as exceeding their needs when possible, punctual delivery of work, and not being penalized for tarcliness.

  • Clearly specify the specifications and procedures to control the service process so that they correspond to the specifications in the documents to prevent customer complaints about services which did not correspond to the customers’ needs.

  • When the reviews reveal that the product did not meet the required specifications, or on receipt of complaints from customers or those involved, the problem must be recorded and resolved. Thus, a correction action must be to prevent such a problem from arising again.

  • Internal reviews on all activities which involves quality system, in an appropriate time frame to ensured that the quality control system is effectively functioning

  • Collect, analyze, report and use collected information on quality.




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