We are aiming towards development with global perspectives

Aero Engineering aims to be a leading unique development and management platform. For real estate investment and Exporting both in domestically and internationally to grow and develop lastingly, we have the experience of thinking outside the box. Try to outdo yourself at every opportunity. As an investment representative in Southeast Asia such as India, China, Dubai, Brunei, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, etc.

Experiences combined with a global knowledge-base and network. We constantly strive to achieve sustainable

Our way of imagining new ideas

Our growth and development make for a holistic approach and thinking. Strategic make a genuine differences to our clients, partners and the societies in which we operate with creativity and insight – our way of imagining new ideas.

Our Motto

We acknowledge that our success depends on the creativity, insight and integrity of the people within our organization. Therefore, we empower the people within our organization and believe in their inherent abilities, embracing their individual differences and enable them to work in multi-talented teams and environments to produce innovative solutions. As a result of this, people in Aero Engineering are given opportunities to achieve greater insight to increase potential and influence others. Our motto is to Enhance business performance through strategic planning systemized leadership and innovation development.

which meet total customer’s satisfaction as well as the public recognition.


To be one of the bright future for domestic and foreign investment. Develop and create added value in real estate.


  • Strengthen sustainable value for all stakeholders

  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of staffs and organization for performing works,